Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Post

This is the english version of Revista Pulo Dominical.

As the name suggests, this blog is mainly about shounen and seinen anime and manga. But I'll post my thoughts about movies, tokusatsu, books, videogames, dramas, graphic novels and other stuff that I've watched/read/played.

I'll rate each work with one of the folowing terms: must watch (read/play), recommended, average, lacking and bad. It may seem the same as rating form 1 to 5, but it isn't. In our heads, 2 is the half of four, but I can't say that a recommended anime is two times better than one that's lacking. Because of that, I prefer using those linguistic terms.

The comments will be previously moderated. Any flame, offensive or stupid posts will be deleted.

That's all for now.